Sunday, August 29, 2010

Missing Mumbai, Missing Home!

Exactly three years ago, right after finishing my undergrad studies, I set off to India for about two months to spend the rest of my summer there. Hands down, it was the best summer I've had to date. No two months have ever been so relaxing and fun. I can't believe it's been three years, because it feels like yesterday.
Summer 2007 -
I was eating my Aaji's homemade Amti-Bhaat, Daalimbyanchi Usal, Kadhi Khichadi, Solkadi, Anarse, Satorya, Shrikhand, and other countless awesome Maharashtrian delicacies. Not that Aai doesn't make them here, but authentic Indian food in India is something else all together. I can't help but think about how 'chilled out' I was, after accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish during my undergrad years.
I was in Mumbai, jumping off and on Churchgate Fast locals. Street shopping. Eating Chhabildas' Batata Wadas. Drinking Piyush at Panshikars. Hanging out at Bandstand. Sleeping with my head in my Aaji's lap. It was all a great time. Ever since I was two till when we came to the US, I've spent every summer in Mumbai, but this one had it's own charm; one which I can't express in words.
I visited to Goa for a holiday within a holiday! I went to Pune and Aurangabad to visit my relatives. Tulshibaag in Pune, Panchakki in Aurangabad, and beaches in Goa. It was bliss personified!
I'm longing to go back home right now. It's weird, my friends call me crazy because I live with my family, yet call Mumbai my home. I guess it is a little off-beat. I'm yet to decide where home is. NJ or Mumbai?


Radha said...

I want to eat all that food !!! This post made me drooooool...!!!

Sneha said...


Surprised to find out you know what 'Daalimbyanchi Usal' is - not many people know that as it's an authentic Marathi dish. But then again - you're from Mumbai, so I shouldn't be surprised!

As far as the drooling goes, NJ is only 11000 miles away from you. Come on over!

Amin said...

I have lived in UK for 3 years now and came here for money and a better life and thought this would be home although i have been sucessful fairly in some aspects i still miss mumbai and its charm in my everyday life and even after being better off always think if this was the right thing to do I have realised no amount of richness or sucess can overcome the joy of being in Mumbai Love you aamchi mumbai ........