Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long Time!

I haven't posted in a while, and I guess the motivation to write comes from the fact that I have to jot down some of the things that I've done the past few months. Nothing great or extremely exciting, but these years down the road, I'd like to look at this blog and remember these times!

I went on a road trip early October to see autumn colors with some of my friends. It's great to go on impromptu trips and make new friends - especially those that will last for the many years to come. Ever since this trip, I've shared many great times with SE and NP ... and now, a day without a chat or a phone call without them does not exist! :-)

November reminds me of the long Thanksgiving weekend, which was very relaxing and unwinding. I guess you realize how hectic life has become when being home and doing nothing feels like a vacation in itself! Thanksgiving day was filled with fun times with friends, and cooking some awesome Italian food (Spinach-Chick Pea Soup, Lasagna, and Garlic Bread... and then a home-made chocolate fondue to top it off). I was happy to be in the company of friends as my folks were out of town.

The first two weeks of December have already flown by so quickly. My birthday falls during early December, and this year was a big 'milestone' birthday. I took the day off from work and relaxed at home with family. My birthday fell on a Friday, so I made a nice birthday weekend out of it and celebrated for three days instead of one! I got some awesome gifts too - an iHome, a Max Brenner cookbook filled with the best chocolate recipes, a Hug Mug (yes, I'm now the proud owner of a Hug Mug), and DVDs of my favorite seasons of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, a quarter (don't ask), and a hug (again, don't ask). It was a great birthday weekend, and I spent it with those who mattered, which is what matters the most.

That about wraps up the last three months. I'm looking forward to the rest of December as Christmas holidays are coming. So the plan is to live it up and that sums up the agenda for the month! :-)