Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I've been MIA. I guess life happened. Between the busy-ness of things and the routine, I guess I neglected the fact that I love to write. Happens.

So today is Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday in the States. This is my favorite American holiday, because the very spirit of it transcends race, ethnicity, and nationality. It gives everyone an opportunity to self-reflect and be appreciative. I'm certainly thankful for many aspects of my life, including my lovely family, amazing friends, great work & colleagues, good health, and my hobbies.

The past three months have been somewhat reflective. I've realized how important some things are to me, and how invaluable some aren't. I've done plenty of things - watched movies, shopped, cooked awesome food, practiced Yoga. I guess I needed a break from the usual cycle. And what a refreshing break it was... :-)