Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Are Here

Why can't life be mapped out for us? I mean, think about it - you're at the mall, you see a map with a crystal clear red sign saying 'You Are Here'. Wouldn't life be tremendously easy if someone told us this is where you are - and this is the road you need to take if you want to go here? Wouldn't it be easy to know the unknowns ahead of time?
The most unpredictable of all things is life itself. Plan all you want, but you never know what's coming.
Looking back in retrospect,
The choices seem to be right.
Looking ahead, I realize,
It's a very fuzzy sight.
I'll try this, and I'll go that way,
All the while hoping, I don't go astray.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The San Fran Plan

So, it's decided. Flights are booked. I'll be basking in the San Fransisco sun during Labor Day weekend, and I can't be more excited!

Being the itchy traveller's feet I have, I've already started planning the entire trip, including where to eat lunches & dinners :-) ... It should be quite wonderful though, as the weather during the end of summer is absolutely gorgeous there.

With work being quite hectic the last few months, this trip should definitely be worth the wait!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Apple of My Eye

Yes, pun intended. I finally got the iPhone (after a prolonged phase of indecision), and I'm totally loving it. I was quite unsure how useful it will turn out to be - but hey, one has to succumb to peer pressure someone in his/her life. So in came the iPhone, and out went sleeping on the bus when getting home from work.

The feeling of having access to the world in my palm and always being connected is - well - taking time to get used to. I can no longer chug out excuses like 'I missed your party because I've been getting home from work late and haven't checked my personal mail'. :-D

YouTube has become my best friend for the commute home. And, check this out, I can now solve a Rubik's Cube, thanks to the iPhone app!

I thought everything had its pros and cons. Help me find the cons for this little Apple, will you?