Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rock On!!

I've been kind-of MIA from blogland for the past month or so, thanks to the long hours at work. Finally, this is one weekend where I've not been 'on call' or logged in from home (knock on wood!).

So - to decompress and destress - I watched Rock On!! on Friday night. And wow - what a flick - I absolutely loved it!

The four main band members steal the show - the characters are so different from each other, yet so similar. They all have unique personalities, yet one thing brings them together - passion for rock-style music.

The movie's got a fresh feel to it - it's very today, very contemporary. It's handled well - how the four friends split, and the journey that brings them back together - the audience doesn't feel like a mute spectator, but feels a part of their life. It doesn't feel like the actors were 'acting' for the sake of it. They looked their part, and it shows!

The soundtrack is has got a interesting kick to it - Shankar/Ehsaan/Loy have definitely showed versatile talent.

Must must must watch!