Wednesday, March 30, 2011

De Ghuma Ke!

Oh, my, GOD! The semi-final today between India and Pakistan was something else. Mohali roared and cheered as India beat Pakistan by 29 runs. My day off from work (first time ever for cricket) was one hundred percent worth every minute!

The way India batted today... good lord! Especially Sachin Tendular... my goodness, I think 2.4 billion+ pairs of eyes were glued to him, and I'm sure many were on the verge of having nervous breakdowns during the two reviews and the ball-drops! India batted well and bowled well, so all-in-all, it was a terrific match. The Men in Blue have now paved their way to Mumbai for World Cup Finals!

I'm so thrilled for this coming Saturday. I can barely wait. But, for now, I'm happy with today. A day off from work, 5am-alarm for the match, Spending the day with a close friend (SE), Cheering for India, The feeling of winning against Pakistan and keeping the record of not losing against them in the World Cup, Celebrating by going on a nice drive and a cup of coffee! If these aren't memories to cherish 20 years down the road, then what are?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Wednesday

What usually would have been a typical day was actually a pretty good one!

What's the kind of stuff that makes boring weekdays special?
  • A great day at work and fun with colleagues
  • Gorgeous weather and a walk around the corner to grab lunch
  • A very very productive afternoon
  • Getting an email from SE who's excited to meet me this evening
  • A quiet evening out and chatting with SE over dinner
  • Making it home in time to watch an episode of FRIENDS to de-stress!

One of the things that I look forward to is change, and a change in pace over the week is always welcome :-)