Friday, September 24, 2010

Bibimbap and Zetinz

No, I'm not going crazy, nor am I speaking baby language. Bibimbap is a Korean dish, and the word literally means 'Mixed Rice'. I was recently exploring Midtown Manhattan, as this is where I work now (new job). While walking to the New York Public Library after work one day, I saw this really cute-sie café called Zetinz, which reminded me of a similar one that I had been to in Paris. I went in to see what they have, and oh my, the spread was so eclectic! All the way in the back, I saw a huge table with a ricecooker that had steaming hot Jasmine rice and nicely-arranged colorful arrangement of various vegetables, tofu, bean sprouts, sauces, fried eggs/meat, etc. On top of that table was a huge sign called 'Make Your Own Bibimbap!'

Perplexed by the name, I googled it on my phone and read that it was a Korean dish. You put the hot steaming rice on the bottom of the huge bowl they give you, and top it with all those delicious-looking vegetables and other toppings, sesame oil, hot-sweet soy sauce and some ginger paste. Then, you mix everything and in go your chopsticks.

I'm eating my very own Bibimbap as I write this post, and it's hands-down delicious. All the flavors blend in together so well.

The sum of the toppings is definitely tastier than the whole!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Am I?

I lure you towards me,
I control your day.

You'd be all over the place if you didn't have me,
I'm a necessity, I daresay.

I can be chunked up, or one whole thing,
I tell you whom you need to email or whom to ring.

I know you're running out of milk and bread,
I know I'm the one thing you dread.

I'm emotionless and void of feelings.
So, stare at me all you want, or pretend I don't exist.

Who am I?
I'm none other than your to-do list!